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Programs: Big Fix

The "Connecticut Big Fix" program, run intermittently in cooperation with other agencies, provides subsidized access to the sterilization surgery necessary to control reproduction in pets owned by people with significant financial constraints. The goals are to prevent unplanned or unwanted pet births for which waiting homes are unavailable, and to improve the health and well-being of adult pets that might benefit from such surgery. The underlying objective is to reduce the euthanasia of healthy, but homeless, animals and to one day ensure that only animals for which there are homes are born. The first Connecticut Big Fix event was held in February 2012 at a network of participating veterinary hospitals and 300 pets were surgically sterilized.

In September 2015, supported by an “Oath-in-Action” grant from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, a pet sterilization and care Big Fix event for the needy was held in New Britain, CT. The City of New Britain is a city with significant numbers of impoverished residents with animals that have rarely or never seen a veterinarian. Animal disease and unwanted litters are well-known and persistent problems there and few options exist aside from charitable intervention to address them.

The Big Fix brought necessary pet care services to these animals, whose owners cannot afford veterinary care and often have no transportation to get to a veterinarian regardless. In cooperation with the New Britain Police Department (NBPD) Animal Control Division, this sterilization, immunization and parasite control event, was held at the Oak Street police substation. A fully functional veterinary clinic complete with operating suite allowed sterilization, immunization and treatment for over 120 animals during two, twelve-hour days.

Twenty-four volunteer veterinarians with accompanying volunteer technical staff spent their weekend caring for these under-served animals. The NBPD selected all program participants based on need and in some cases transported the animals and owners to the clinic.
The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Foundation supplied everything needed (equipment, supplies), all paid for with grants and public donations.

The location and date(s) of the next “Big Fix” are to be determined. For further information contact Dr. Gayle Block at bigfix@petsafetyct.org

Connecticut Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMF)

"CVMF: A safety net for Connecticut's domestic animals."

2016 Big Fix: Sat - Sun
October 29th & 30th
Coordinator: Dr. Gayle Block,
860-645-1700 and CTBigFix@gmail.com
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