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Dr. Peter Conserva

Dr. Peter Conserva has practiced equine veterinary medicine in Connecticut and Massachusetts since 1974. He is a graduate of both Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. His first two years in practice were served as an associate with Drs. Milkey & Davis in Granby. In late 1976, he started a solo equine practice based at his farm in West Suffield: He continues to practice from PETERBROOK FARM today.

Dr. Conserva's professional interests span the breadth of equine practice: from show and race horses to private pleasure horses. He has also taken an interest in his colleagues and his profession on a broader scale, having served as treasurer of the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association for 19 years.

Dr. Conserva's interest in disaster issues arose from real-world experiences in equine practice. During more than forty years in practice he has been involved with more than a dozen equine emergencies that required vertical lifts or other technical expertise and equipment to accomplish. Working with various fire and police departments, and through self study, he has become knowledgable in the concepts of the incident command system, which forms the basis of all disaster management operations, including those involving horses. These experiences have motivated him to broaden his skills as a veterinarian to include emergency rescue situations.

Dr. Conserva has participated in numerous multi-day training courses and exercises with Dr. Tomas Giminez of Clemson University and his former partner Major Rebecca Gimenez, of the United States Army. The Dr.s Gimenez published the definitive book in this field "Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue" in 2008. Dr Conserva is recognized as a qualified training instructor in TLAER tactics and techniques.

In 2006., the fledgling CTSART Program sponsored our first three day training course in Simsbury with Dr. Tomas Giminez. Dr. Conserva was aksed to collaborate with Tomas Gimenez in teaching the course, as Major Rebecca Gimenez was deployed to Iraq.

Today, Dr. Conserva leads the Equine Response Unit of the CTSART Program. The Equine Response Unit allows the CTSART program to offer a comprehensive, large animal rescue training program for fire departments, Community Emergency Response Teams and other groups. A life sized articulated horse mannequin was acquired by the CVMF for use in these training exercises in early 2014.

Dr Conserva is married to Darlene, his practice and farm manager and a dressage rider. They live on their horse farm in West Suffield with a variety horses, some of which are older and retired, and two dogs. Dr. Conserva's continuing interests include a flats boat and a fifth wheel camper for occasional horse show veterinarian duties and for family trips. To date he has four grandchildren.

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