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Dr. Sheldon Yessenow

Dr. Sheldon Yessenow is a 1977 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, in Columbus, Ohio. After graduation, he left his native Ohio and moved to Connecticut to begin practicing his profession. In 1982 he founded Oronoque Animal Hospital in Stratford, where he continues to practice today. His practice is limited to treating dogs, cats, and a variety of small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs that are also known as "pocket pets". Dr. Yessenow resides in Trumbull with his wife and a menagerie of his own pets. He has three daughters: one is a schoolteacher near Boston, another is studying to become a certified veterinary technician, and the third is living near San Francisco working as a hotel event planner.  Dr. Yessenow's hobbies include license plate collecting, barbershop quartet singing, and emergency amateur radio operation. He also enjoys volunteering with Trumbull EMS as EMT.

Dr. Yessenow developed a passion for helping homeless pets after working with a variety of animal rescue groups, and with the Bridgeport, CT and Stratford, CT animal shelters, where he previously served as shelter veterinarian. His interest in disaster medicine began after 9-11-2001 when he responded to assist the search and rescue dogs at the World Trade Center. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Yessenow was accepted as a member of the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team and in 2005 responded to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. During the response to Hurricane Katrina he served as the hospital director of the temporary animal shelter at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. In 2006, Dr. Yessenow was recognized by the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association as Veterinarian of the Year for his contributions in Louisiana.

In 2006, Dr. Yessenow accepted the position of Team Leader for the Connecticut State Animal Response (CTSART) Team program's Region 1 Animal Response Team. In that capacity he was appointed Regional Emergency Support Function 11 Committee Chairman for the Region 1 Emergency Planning Team (REPT). The Region 1 REPT functions as a coordinating body for the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Dr. Yessenow continues to shepherd development of the Region 1 Animal Response Team and is available to speak to groups about the CTSART program. Please feel free to contact him at syessenow@earthlink.net for further information.

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